Theoretical Physics Reference is an attempt to derive all theoretical physics equations from the general and special relativity and the standard model of particle physics.

The goals are:

  • All calculations are very explicit, with no intermediate steps left out.
  • Start from the most general (and correct) physical theories (general relativity or standard model) and derive the specialized equations from them (e.g. the Schrödinger equation).
  • Math is developed in the math section (not in the physics section).
  • Theory should be presented as short and as explicitly as possible. Then there should be arbitrary number of examples, to show how the theory is used.
  • There should be just one notation used throughout the book.

This is a work in progress and some chapters don’t conform to the above goals yet. Usually first some derivation is written, as we understood it, then the mathematical tools are extracted and put into the math section, and the rest is fit where it belongs. Sometimes we don’t understand some parts, then those are currently left there as they are.

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